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Friends Dо you want tоo knоw thееe seeeеcret оf winning а lоottеry….
Here is the the link that hеlрs you tо win уour nеххxt lottеrу ==> twitter.com/9bec000743ee88561/status/742626059930198016 Tорpp 10 List of Best Cаsinо s in thе Wоrld

Comment from : MeToOo

indian chick doesn't know $hit about casinos
Comment from : 1bigjohn11

kee sun
she is retarded
Comment from : kee sun

Jack Jia
das engalish es tuu gooda
Comment from : Jack Jia

Bill McLaren
you forgot my casino ha ha . very helpfull to me
Comment from : Bill McLaren

Empire among the top 10 casinos in the world?! you must be joking!
Comment from : nickylamchelsea

Ashfaq Sheikh
What is the criteria for determining the 'best' casino? Best is a relative term. Rankings must use objective factors. Very sloppy job. 
Comment from : Ashfaq Sheikh

Wynn is pronounced "win", not "wine". And don't get me started on Monaco...
Comment from : lucky9381

Wow, crown casino is melbourne is probably the most luxurious casino in the world and it gets no recognition
Comment from : waggyboi1

doğaç keleş
Wrong picture in bellagio (first picture is planet hollywood's)
Comment from : doğaç keleş

Syed aejaz ali
what rubbish where Is Melbourne casino here ?
Comment from : Syed aejaz ali

Rony Arriazza
FU!!!!!! B S !!!!!! I'am not subscribing to this. your casino list is very unorganized. How can you start without saying a number in places, and then go to 7,6,5, 4 and then mention something else as last place..(weren't you going from last to first?? ) and which one is nomber 1????? your video is a disgrace!
Comment from : Rony Arriazza

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