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dunai george
33.00 satisfaction
Comment from : dunai george

Jealous of your accent. American accents are boring and I'm from new jersey which makes it even worse...
Maybe I need to move to UK or Aussie for a few years

Comment from : badfishy911

Dylan Sapienza
Where can you play live roulette? Anyone know and on the American wheel. Please lmk
Comment from : Dylan Sapienza

Tracker Pete
I can relate to the gondam bonfires. All my nabours do it every fucking weekend. Close windows after 8pm to aviod getting smoked out
Comment from : Tracker Pete

Armando Travels
anywhere I can play from the United States? thanks
Comment from : Armando Travels

Why are you not plying lightning Roulette?
Comment from : Niklas

Rich Laye
Cometary of explaining brilliant . Well in pal keep going love it phaa 😂😂
Comment from : Rich Laye

Jaymee Fletcher
That 26. what a hit!
Comment from : Jaymee Fletcher

"Right I've got a plan, let me think about this logically. Right, got it, £5000 on 2." :/
Comment from : Anonymous

hardi Viva
Thats fake
Comment from : hardi Viva

Something smells burned outside of my window, too...
Comment from : Plysdyret1

mike watters
17.29 fit pussy all over the shop
Comment from : mike watters

mike watters
Red and black no numbers
Comment from : mike watters

Michalis Siavil
Where I can find this site guys can you help me?
Comment from : Michalis Siavil

David Green
At 7.43, that wasn't fishy at all......it was friggin' blatant. The ball didn't bounce out it jumped. Watched it ten times in slo-mo and am surprised that there aren't more comments about it. Hyper doesn't seem to mind too much about it....wonder why? "That was a bit weird....." bit of an understatement, Hyper!!

In the words of Marvin Gaye, "What's goin' on"?

Comment from : David Green

@t güvenilir forum bahis sitesi
Comment from : WEB BİLGİLER

Andres Urosa
I love how he names any thought as a strategy
Comment from : Andres Urosa

that smoke is coming because you are burning your money
Comment from : Assinum

i hope you get the idea what is going on here.this is created luck it is not random i bet if you put only one number you will win.disgusting practices why they just let you play why they want to control your money.who they think they are?and this is regulated by goverments.shameless
Comment from : Assinum

The Oasis Vlogs
Love the video
Comment from : The Oasis Vlogs

whats ur twitch ID?
Comment from : Smee135

Undisputed Blackjack
Nice hit on the 26 Mate! All the haters making nasty comments, F*ck them Soyboy’s!!!
Comment from : Undisputed Blackjack

Niraj Malla
Told u
Comment from : Niraj Malla

Niraj Malla
Put on 5;3;1;7;9 sure win
Comment from : Niraj Malla

Crab Burger
I'm sorry but this mother f*Ker is pulling the wool over our eyes yet again, the only thing burning m*** f***"" should be your conscience!!!!
Comment from : Crab Burger

OhridosDe Laragossa
Worst player ever.
Comment from : OhridosDe Laragossa

Fish Hunting lovers
Right now am going to tell a story one of grandfather my Grand father cousin he already died.he was a gambler.when he go for any game he always win..last time he was not allowed to bet evry casino borard rejected him.then be became so upset he started drinks n taking drugs..last time he was died without treatment for money.the man who always win from gambling he died for money and lonely ness.somedays before his dead he gave a stone and told me if i gamble anywhere just put the stone on my pocket which pocket all my money.he told me to spend from the pocket and cash in to the same pocket after win when no place in pocket just leave the game and return to home never look back..if u found any mosque or churchbor temple donate there your 30% profit..i didnt belived that that time. .oneday i got a chance i saw in a brothel rullete board is spining then i decide i will check it.after 2 days i went there and tried my luck i was totally surprised when i wined 5 Times.. Its was amazing felling but my friend has told my father about it and he has take my stone from me.what i will do now i would be rich if my friends didnt told my father...never play casino with friends they can not see u win.play along
Comment from : Fish Hunting lovers

Roulette Logarithm Wins
Who has my logarithm strategy knows at 1:35 has to be 9 after 8...
Comment from : Roulette Logarithm Wins

Candy Coated Poison
Hey Hypa, what coin were you talking about about a delay till september?
Comment from : Candy Coated Poison

Good old black 31! Nice win mate
Comment from : G_Star

James Stephens
Your voice reminds me of Stephen Fry narrating the Harry Potter audiobooks.
Comment from : James Stephens

Jeffery Stanley
it seems to me that you are so addicted to online gambling, that you cash out nothing at the end. I play on casumo, and I cashed out 6000.00 on my first deposit, and haven't been back since.
Comment from : Jeffery Stanley

I hate online roulette, it’s so glitchy.. blackjack has been like that too lately as well. I’d be playing roulette too if that woman in white was spinning 😂
Comment from : DeeJay32

Erold Buxs
Scam they never let you withdrawal
Comment from : Erold Buxs

love that content but upload your winstreaks man. i watched 20min you loses
Comment from : Murhpy

Frank Jomungle
You play roulette like Timmy you mong
Comment from : Frank Jomungle

Lucky session good round like it
Comment from : Cedric

New challenge: £1000 on Lightning Roulette, only betting on 19 or bets including 19 (red, 19-36, odd, 1st column, etc.) Additional bets alongside it are allowed, but each spin must have at least £50 backing number 19.
Comment from : a

Hermin Pete
Nice hit with 31
Comment from : Hermin Pete

Eric Cheung
Another great video.
Love it. 👍

Comment from : Eric Cheung

Fifa Playa
Ignore what people say bro, keep up the good work still watch you all the time bro, be good to gamble together sometime💪
Comment from : Fifa Playa

Jort Berg
damn whata stupid bets
Comment from : Jort Berg

Joe Rexworthy
What’s your twitch channel
Comment from : Joe Rexworthy

Vibrating ball at 7:22 just fucking great !!!
Comment from : madelf

chrisgcfc 82
Hail hail 🍀✌🍀
Comment from : chrisgcfc 82

dude roullete dont play our strategy you need to play roullete strategy learn how to play pls
Comment from : BG RAP

Aron J
Nice video some good hits well done 👍 wouldn't mind seeing some three card poker and more high stakes blackjack with sidebets 👍👍👍👍👍
Comment from : Aron J

sam pickett
Jammy little run at the start 👍
Comment from : sam pickett

Tony Montana
Comment from : Tony Montana

Mitchell Deboer
you need to get some serious help
Comment from : Mitchell Deboer

ZDad Beast
you seem to have better look on roulette . big mix of roulette and some slots (not tilting steam tower or rhino) this year for the win. if that fails can always just get that blackjack lass on again and ask her to do random shit for the banter haha
Comment from : ZDad Beast

Pjr 10
If casinos view these videos and see a diabled person playing on their website there should be a duty of care for them to ban him.
Comment from : Pjr 10

Rojay Blair
Finally wish u could post more often mate
Comment from : Rojay Blair

Was on 1k missed a spin the 2.300 we missed it ???

And he withdrew nothing from these sessions, go for a jog next time and give ya head a wobble
Comment from : anth0ny1990

Harry S
7:22 mate WTF can we not put an end to these fucking rigged wheels?? That is a fucking joke but nothing ever gets done about it
Comment from : Harry S

7:23 fishyyy
Comment from : Dexter

Alpha KennyBody
You should bet neighbours Hypa in case you miss a number like 26
Comment from : Alpha KennyBody

Brad Austin
Good old Hypa helping me get my fix by proxy. Cheers, dude
Comment from : Brad Austin

News just in Stonersidtwitch and Mikeyslots were seen going in to a café bar in Amsterdam they were looking for some weed called maui wowie Labrador I hope Mikeyslots takes care off Sid hes old and hes only been out off the house four times in the last ten years
Comment from : milan

dave shocky
48.33 mean while in Romania 😂
Comment from : dave shocky

Good evening hyper. All the best pal
Comment from : GAMBLING GOD

so u cover 3 and 0 and lose to 26...few minutes later again u cover 3 and 0 leave 26 empty...pure fact that u dont know by now where all 37 numbers are dispersed says a lot about your intelligence...
Comment from : Mik

James Foley
So little effort into editing any of this. Just random clips mashed together piss poor
Comment from : James Foley

betting on 3 4 numbers and thinks he got a chance....unbelievable
Comment from : ShootEmUp

aman Sharma
Bro you promised me a dream catcher session I have been waiting for so long
Comment from : aman Sharma

Ryan Omairat
3:45 wtf how??
Comment from : Ryan Omairat

Ryan Omairat
Play more blackjack
Comment from : Ryan Omairat

Ryan Omairat
Love the highlights
Comment from : Ryan Omairat

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