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Comment from : Learn Russian with RussianPod101.com

moscow Tamilan
I can't understand any thing she is going too fast
Comment from : moscow Tamilan

FPS Vulcan
Wait whats a notebook in russian then?
Comment from : FPS Vulcan

Anna a
Hey,i 5 years ago learn russian and now im still in beginner to intermediate!!!can you give me advice?
Comment from : Anna a

Павел Чепкин
я учу английский и ваши уроки - хорошая возможность потренировать восприятие на слух, так как 80% урока на английском + в предложеиях)))
Comment from : Павел Чепкин

Charles Rablin
What a good teacher
Comment from : Charles Rablin

Next excited disease LOL
Comment from : Sky89line

I dont care
We use the word грипп in arabic to 🤩🤗
Comment from : I dont care

ლუ კა
ცუდი არ დაწეროთ, ახლობელია
Comment from : ლუ კა

Брэйден Джэймс Шеннан
Isn't notebook тетрадь?
Comment from : Брэйден Джэймс Шеннан

Аудио книги на български
The very first time I think Russian language is exciting....
Thank you :)

Comment from : Аудио книги на български

Liu Yiwei
Comment from : Liu Yiwei

Катия, надеюсь, что я однажды найду такую же умную и красивую женщину, как и ты.
Comment from : STOPandsaid

31:53부터 하기
Comment from : 신전

DNUK Naran
у нее есть евразийские черты...
Comment from : DNUK Naran

DNUK Naran
she is lovely perfect girlfriend for a guy ..(
она прекрасная прекрасная подруга для парня)

Comment from : DNUK Naran

Buff Barnaby
Want lady from Russia !
Comment from : Buff Barnaby

Holy Sh!t why are you so cute
Comment from : ДАВИД РАХЕН 32

lukman habeelkgmail
റഷ്യൻ 😍
Comment from : lukman habeelkgmail

sol jr
please don't dance, i feel bad about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if someone want learn from you must get beer before listen to your bad intention.
Comment from : sol jr

Asi quiero una rusita flaca
Comment from : BrazitodeWawa

deepak ariyan
You r soo cute
Comment from : deepak ariyan

akhtar ali
please katosha add words of love
Comment from : akhtar ali

Cesar OmShantiGonzalez
I want to learn Russian it’s a beautiful language ☺️
Comment from : Cesar OmShantiGonzalez

Comment from : PYNTAMAN -

Tsogtsaikhan Jambal
Where did you get your English language?
Comment from : Tsogtsaikhan Jambal

Space Elevator 2020
54 minutes. 7 minutes of russian around the english commentary :(
Comment from : Space Elevator 2020

Jelena Jelena
Thank you!
Comment from : Jelena Jelena

Konrad Heumann
Great teacher and a beautiful young woman!
Comment from : Konrad Heumann

Peter Laszlo T.
I waited two years in the biggest clear I will try that again. No smoke only meditation running in the night and belive in you and belive in god.
Comment from : Peter Laszlo T.

Peter Laszlo T.
spaceship more bigger with sun collector.. try in small
Comment from : Peter Laszlo T.

Peter Laszlo T.
russian language later..
Comment from : Peter Laszlo T.

Peter Laszlo T.
know the rules well so you can break it... kids are the most important think like me with us.
Comment from : Peter Laszlo T.

Cleo Araujo
You are so funny.. hahaha!
Comment from : Cleo Araujo

Baroš Ladislav
You are wonderful. Thank you for your vids ;)
Comment from : Baroš Ladislav

23:07 😍😍😍
Comment from : yourmom705

Your so hot sorry just had to say that
Comment from : yourmom705

Khaliff Hwang
You are so beautiful.
Comment from : Khaliff Hwang

Gaming Sector
Спасибо Катя
Comment from : Gaming Sector

Cool words, and fun lessons too, could you show pronounciation as well, would certainly help
Comment from : roqofort

Brandon Ruiz
ya russian what duhhherwhattt😍
Comment from : Brandon Ruiz

Helen Shahbazyan
I like this video, but the girl is trying to show off herself, Let's speak quickly
Comment from : Helen Shahbazyan

11:25 Plenty of jump-cuts around the word 'шить' for some reason. Katyusha is such a cheeky young thing.
Comment from : gnamp

Kasun Gamage
There are Mosquitoes in Russia :O
Comment from : Kasun Gamage

Click Mintaka
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Comment from : Click Mintaka

int arrray
Это будет большой опыт обучения. Мне нравится русский. Я поеду в Москву в мае, чтобы учиться больше.
Я с нетерпением жду следующего урока.

Comment from : int arrray

Ashraf Naguib
she is even more cute when you play the video on x0.5
Comment from : Ashraf Naguib

Oliver Queen
Awesome!love her,thank you so much!useful and lovely!
Comment from : Oliver Queen

Vivan Din
Ух, какая симпатичная умница!
Comment from : Vivan Din

Augustin Kodjo
tres ravi avec les cours de langue
Comment from : Augustin Kodjo

Cláudio Monteiro
Comment from : Cláudio Monteiro

Oscar Manuel
que ricura :P
Comment from : Oscar Manuel

joao lemes
you are a excellent tacher and beautiful too
Comment from : joao lemes

Katya .....you are a great teacher.....you flow effortlessly between english and russian....thanks for you lessons
Comment from : brahmin21

I could look this up in a dictionary. Still fun to watch
Comment from : DutchPhlogiston

I like your style. Thanks for the lessons.
Comment from : 77777774444

Lushian Larroa
I am your fan #1.
Comment from : Lushian Larroa

Pradel Elien
How is the new year
Comment from : Pradel Elien

SA Massy Ghazanfari
You are a talented teacher thanks Спасибо
Comment from : SA Massy Ghazanfari

Pradel Elien
Happy New Year
Comment from : Pradel Elien

Hggnnnnn russian accents...
Comment from : HexagramMan

It would make for better lessons if - where possibvle -- state the sentence in past, present and future tenses preceding or followed by yesterday or tomorrow Thanks
Comment from : vistagraphsnet

Storm Warning
Too damn fast.
Comment from : Storm Warning

Ping Pong

Comment from : Ping Pong

Alex Artarion
Я по вашим урокам учу английский 😂
Comment from : Alex Artarion

Papi Chulo
I got your Micraphone, right here!
Comment from : Papi Chulo

Andries Krugers Dagneaux
У меня есть читательский билет в моем кошельке. Действительно ли это редко в США?
Comment from : Andries Krugers Dagneaux

Imad Le Dnst
Hi there, i recently had an idea about creating an bilanguage website, So you can lean russian with no effort at all, well that's how i learned english and french.
The voice will be in the language you want to learn (Russian) and the subs will be in you native language ( English), so i started with russian and created a website with 10 Animes included, i want to know if the idea will succeed,and if it does then i will upload more animes and more languages ( german maybe )
Here is the website
" anime.damiimadworld.com "
I really want to know what do you think about the idea

Comment from : Imad Le Dnst

Sothy Franklin
she need teaching slowly
Comment from : Sothy Franklin

kamran ksw
Thank you, so much..
Really Great Teaching Mythologies. keep it up

Comment from : kamran ksw

little boß
i like uuu so much katuuucha.
Comment from : little boß

Did she just made a reference to a condom on 14:50 ?
Comment from : DixiChannel

Charles Rablin
She is funny
Comment from : Charles Rablin

Sukhminder Singh
спасибо катия
Comment from : Sukhminder Singh

Matt T
Akula - Russian sub
Comment from : Matt T

Griep is same as dutch LOL
Comment from : DarrenGaming

Jacobo Hernández
Great video¡
Comment from : Jacobo Hernández

BlavkJae :3
Hahaha i dont have to lern russian i think cuz im from poland and all those words are the same
Comment from : BlavkJae :3

Двуглавый Орел
I dont understand why she laughs about the library card?
Comment from : Двуглавый Орел

Lezay Shamil
болщое спосибо Катюща
Comment from : Lezay Shamil

priya aman
hi katya , I seen one russian language video, is very nice, can you help me learning russian.
Comment from : priya aman

Green Keroro
i hear "cleavage"
Comment from : Green Keroro

Wolf Bird
Great tutorials, a person never gets bored while listening to your tutorials. Thanks i am learning greatly
Comment from : Wolf Bird

Brother Máx
thank you for this video. This is in my opinion the coolest sounding Language. I love it. I'm practicing really hard. Funny thing here is Los Angeles I said hello in Russian to some strangers that made eye contact who I knew were Russian. The were shocked ! and smiled Big lol. a Mexican speaking Russian lol !!! how cool is that ???
Comment from : Brother Máx

10:13 lmao random...
Comment from : Wingy

Andromeda Studios
Katya you look like sati from fabrika
Comment from : Andromeda Studios

Milos Grujic
you are so anoying...
Comment from : Milos Grujic

Muu Ao
man katya you are so beautiful and pretty its distracting :(
Comment from : Muu Ao

Маршал Жуков
Short annotation to 9:15: "жениться" only refers to men, the same goes for "Вы женаты?". That's a question you can't ask a woman, it's only if you want to know whether a guy is married. If you want to refer to women you'd have to say "выходить замуж" and following the same path "Вы замужем?". So, that's dependant on the gender. Just something she didn't mention in the video, at least not in the part I watched. And I didn't watch much of it because I'm a native myself and just randomly clicked on it...
Comment from : Маршал Жуков

Florin Voloc
You are very beutiful,but please speak more slowly in russian language.Don't forget that you look nice.
Comment from : Florin Voloc

Saba khelashvili
Katya, why do you say язык as iazik? it's iyzik
Comment from : Saba khelashvili

Greg Nicholson
Katusha, you have a real talent for teaching.. You are doing a great job
Comment from : Greg Nicholson

Mega Osama
like thank u katya you helpful
Comment from : Mega Osama

James Bobreski
Katya please repeat the Russian sentence twice ie: English- Russian-Russian-English when you use the word. This would help me alot. Otherwise In I think you are cute as a mouska and very funny.
Comment from : James Bobreski

Barretas surefix
Muy chistosa
Comment from : Barretas surefix

Piyal Banerjee
I think i am in love with her as well. I just finished all of her Russian learning videos and i somehow want to learn more ........ ;)
Comment from : Piyal Banerjee

Tess Pondoc
Привет девушка, как ты, я очень рад, чтобы выучить русский язык, если бы вы хотели мне помочь Мне нужен ваш адрес электронной почты для обмена моими учебными данными
Comment from : Tess Pondoc

Kaloyan Ivanov
Well done, Katya! Can you recommend a website for colloquial Russian. I may need it very soon. Thank you.
Comment from : Kaloyan Ivanov

antonio claudio luz silva kakau
Спасибо ❤️😀Teacher!
Comment from : antonio claudio luz silva kakau

if я вижу комета летит = I see the comet flying
how would you say I see the girl smiling?

Comment from : Scytzo

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