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Robert Hurley Jr
Anyone got a decent strategy for double or nothing or best not to play it?
Comment from : Robert Hurley Jr

Ahocchau sama
top 1 mistake, playing video poker....
Comment from : Ahocchau sama

Max Payne
This might be a stupid question but when you play any machine game are you allowed to use your phone
Comment from : Max Payne

I wouldn't call it "refusing free money" so much as not taking the bait.
Comment from : mydogskips2

Eric Ritchie
Casino's #1 rule is a drunk player plays loose fast and makes lots of mistakes.
Comment from : Eric Ritchie

Quit playing the fucking root insurance ad
Comment from : coyoteproject

Piedad Stoffel
Best way to win don't play them
Comment from : Piedad Stoffel

Patrick Negro
One question to Mike or the ACG.Have you ever won big on a poor pay table on any video poker game?I actually did on a 7/5 STP DD bonus 5cent game.
Big meaning, $400 or more!!!

Comment from : Patrick Negro

People act like the pay table is the most important part of playing video poker. The most important part is the casino payback. A 9/6 pay table means nothing if the machine has 80% payback..........
Comment from : beachbumreb

Sheldon Cooper
Here's another reason to play slower: Chances are you're playing against a house edge, so take a few seconds to think it over/pull out your strategy card and your money will last longer. Even if you did have the advantage, you must be precise. It's better to win a lower hourly rate than to destroy your advantage with stupid mistakes.
Comment from : Sheldon Cooper

You can play the perfect strategy, but if the casino tightens the machines, i.e., the number of paying hands, you won't win. What I mean is, you will still get paid 9 for a full house and 6 for a flush, but you just won't see as many of them. I hate crowded casinos but I think the best time to play slots is on Friday Saturday bc the machines are looser, bc they want these people to win a little and come back. During the week I think they tighten them to build up the cash reserves. JMHO.
Comment from : Dreg

Tony Harris
Beware of "fake" 9/6 JoB where the royal pays 500/1000/1500/2000/2500 respectively. Although still better than 9/5, it's something to watch out for.
Comment from : Tony Harris

joe doe
He gets his haircuts at the same place I do; the beauty school. I'd know that haircut anywhere.
Comment from : joe doe

Mondo LeStraka
ACG and Mike. Another good video. BTW, I laughed when you mentioned at 4:31 about playing drunk! When you're at a BJ table or a machine and the waitresses keep coming around with the free drinks, keep 'em coming. BTW, after one long session, and was inebriated, I went up to my room I practiced counting down a deck and I got it right. If you're a beginner don't even think about doing it.

I thought there was something different in the video but couldn't put my finger on it. The part in your hair changed. Lol.

Comment from : Mondo LeStraka

Peter Haley
A year ago, my wife wanted to hit a casino. Being a Type-A person who likes slot machines, I started researching how to be less of a rube than most. I stumbled upon ACG and learned that the best slot machine to play was none and video poker was better because it was based on a calculable finite set of numbers. I downloaded the app and started practicing Sadly, we've not made it to a casino yet but, next time I do, I'll be looking at pay tables and knowing which cards to hold. Thanks, Mike!
Comment from : Peter Haley

Gym S
Seems like common sense
Comment from : Gym S

Trying to locate "Part Two." Has anyone found it yet?
Comment from : Fartsnagle

Not long ago I sat beside a guy who was playing Joker Poker, and I watched in dumb amazement as he held two 7's and a Joker, not realizing that he actually had a third 7 with it, a four of a kind on the deal. He never even noticed his mistake, but I watched as he threw away an 85 coin win and only got 10 coins back on the draw because he didn't improve. He had an empty Bloody Mary beside him. The moral? Don't drink too much when playing video poker and ALWAYS double check your hand and your holdings before you press Draw.
Comment from : Foxhound3857

thanks mike and ACG.
Comment from : dino

Getting schooled by Mike Shackleford is always beneficial! TY!
Comment from : IllPropaganda

David Prodigy
I hope the tips help. Thank you very much for the info.
Comment from : David Prodigy

Where can we purchase interactive cd's with the correct moves for each play?
Comment from : MR JACK

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