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Jonathan Madi
Comment from : Jonathan Madi

Ronin U
Can you split two separate face card (such as queen and king)
Comment from : Ronin U

Carl Estrade
I mean Glenn Mitchell is correct, I watched videos of how to play blackjack and each time the dealer has one card face down and one card face up.
Comment from : Carl Estrade

Carl Estrade
Glenn Mitchell is correct, I watched videos of how to play blackjack and each time the has one card face down and one card face up.
Comment from : Carl Estrade

Tygrynio Pomarańczewski
Watch out. There are several mistakes in this video (e.g. insurance is offered before players hit or stand i.e. just after a dealer’s ace is dealt)
Comment from : Tygrynio Pomarańczewski

Marilyn Guite
This is really easy to learn and swift hands too... really nice! 👍👍
Comment from : Marilyn Guite

Himel Ahmed
Let's I got blackjack then the dealer also got blackjack then what will happen? Push?
Comment from : Himel Ahmed

jagrebels g
Beautifully explained :)
Comment from : jagrebels g

iyad alkhatib
Good to know very good teaching
Comment from : iyad alkhatib

Glenn Mitchell
Dealer should have dealt himself second card face down before proceeding with play
Comment from : Glenn Mitchell

Victor Hugo
What happens if the dealer dosen't bust?
Comment from : Victor Hugo

you make it seem like I can get rich with this game Lol
Comment from : иээтへ

Excelent! Should be helpfull for beginners. Thanks for great job you are doing.
Comment from : SmartCasinoGuide.com

hmmm, dealer only dealt himself 1 card.
Comment from : ghils

Terry Baker
I like this guy
Comment from : Terry Baker

Johnny Sixpack
what does he mean by you don't get paid double you get paid three to two?
Comment from : Johnny Sixpack

andrew mondik
Can some brake this down for me the retarded way
Comment from : andrew mondik

Sonu Rony
Can you double down if the sum is >11?
Comment from : Sonu Rony

Jackson Carlo Ollero
Bad keying
Comment from : Jackson Carlo Ollero

Luke Hall
You bore me
Comment from : Luke Hall

Devon Walter
What are the values of the chips? So like the reds are how much? I know the blacks are $100 chips. I don't know what a white chip, a green chip, a red chip, or a blue chip would be worth if I were to play blackjack at a real casino. Also, if my first card is an A, and them my next card is a 6 of any suit, would that automatically be a 7 or would you be able to choose between 7 or 17?
Comment from : Devon Walter

Nancy Lynn
Thank you This helped a lot!!
Comment from : Nancy Lynn

Govang Jo
Comment from : Govang Jo

gustav rundström
2 questions:

1. If dealer gets blackjack, do the players still win on their blackjack?

2. I saw another video where the dealer got a card faced down in the start, why is it not so here?

Comment from : gustav rundström

One does not simply
2:05 you dont double the chance to win. All you do is you get more money in the pot when the odds are in your favour
Comment from : One does not simply

Timothy Kieper
This guy just flunked his audition. Should have played the first split hand completely before proceeding. Player 9 vs dealer 4 was also a double. Card placement horrible also. Insurance bet is offered before playing hands, unless these rules are from a different planet ? So much wrong here, looks like this is his first time dealing !
Comment from : Timothy Kieper

good game!
Comment from : BLACK SOUL

Kavir Patara
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Comment from : Kavir Patara

Pizza Time
Thanks, my grandma didn't stand a chance.
Comment from : Pizza Time

His table says dealer must draw to 16.....most others say 17....how common are the 16 tables ?
Comment from : wotan237

Ernie Loredo
I noticed in the video that in one case, if a player got blackjack you paid him out, took away his cards, and his round was over. In another instance, you paid him out once for the blackjack, you let him keep his cards, and then paid him out again when the dealer busted? Was there a reason for this??
Comment from : Ernie Loredo

Last Rose Of Summer
thanks, enjoyed that and learned more🐶👯🙋
Comment from : Last Rose Of Summer

What if you split two aces, and get both of them at 21 (2 10 cards on both), is this considered a Blackjack and pays 3to2?
Comment from : Shelleg3s

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