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Chinese is simple language, if you have the right attitude and the right method. It will be the easiest language to learn.
Comment from : 尢芀兠畕

ofcourse English is more difficult, i know, iam chinese)

Konstantin Serenko
Hi! I’m Russian and I’m fluent in Chinese. You’re right about grammar.
Comment from : Konstantin Serenko

Svetlana Boldin
"Ты" is actually perfect, 👍 but "школа" и "школу" unfortunately not yet, "л" I believe is too soft, should be harder 💪.
But Russian is difficult, so my respect and good luck! 😊

Comment from : Svetlana Boldin

Ksawery Kaminski
your point of view doesn't make any proof that Russian is harder than Chinese
Comment from : Ksawery Kaminski

Привет, Я русский язык чу чуть знаю
Comment from : Ablan

Kenway Edward
Definitely russian. I’ve been studying in russian for more than 4 years and now still stuck in the fucking gramma
Comment from : Kenway Edward

369 Tayaholic
I found chinese harder. Yeah the grammar is very simple at first but there will be more and more vagueness and subtle rules coming out.
Comment from : 369 Tayaholic

dbs fan
Ur russian grammer explanation got me worried that u have ocd😂
Comment from : dbs fan

dbs fan
U have to live in certain country for 5 years and be involved in every aspect of life,to learn pretty decent
Comment from : dbs fan

_ MrKvard _
Чево блин?
Comment from : _ MrKvard _

Biljana Suzanović
If you're Serbian and have similar words as Russian and use both Cyrillic and Latinic then it is not that hard to learn Russian.
Comment from : Biljana Suzanović

Evgenia Pesotskaya
I am a native Russian speaker, and your Russian sucks
Comment from : Evgenia Pesotskaya

Chinese has grammar but a complete set of grammars, totally different from European languages. Most Europeans learning Chinese speak Chinese like a robot, I can confirm.
Comment from : CHAT PAK

Абстрактный Арбуз
But in the Russian language has only three tenses ╮(╯▽╰)╭
Comment from : Абстрактный Арбуз

alrak hhh
mandarin Chinese is not that hard and when you found there were over hundred Chinese dialects...
Comment from : alrak hhh

Ghillie M.G.
i found this while searching "chinese ushanka"
Comment from : Ghillie M.G.

Superman and Kiaski
Chinese is harder.
Comment from : Superman and Kiaski

Anugrah Asyurah
0:19 whaaat? I started learning Russian like yesterday and this video really got me stuck in between either I should continue learning or not. And also I always thought that Chinese is the hardest language to learn.
Comment from : Anugrah Asyurah

Yibo Wen
russian, arabic
Comment from : Yibo Wen

Justin Trudeau
Монгол хэл
Comment from : Justin Trudeau

Ivan New
Ok, so what if you can speak both Chinese and English fluently and are good at both of them, I’m confused, I tried learning Russian and it’s extremely hard, how do Russian learn their Russian! It’s so hard!
Comment from : Ivan New

I don't read sticks.
Or noodles.
هل أوضحت فكرتي؟

Comment from : mememan420

michelle chan
I am native Chinese and I find Russian pretty easy to learn
Comment from : michelle chan

Семён Семёнов
As a native Ru speaker, learning mandarin right now (4th language), I have to say, whole Asian language groups are plain headache at the beginning and has no bottom.
But fun fact: the more I learning foreign languages, the more I become to value my native.
Russian language has 2 distinct features, that makes it so special: extremely flexibility and freedom of expression combines with complex grammar.

In terms of learning, Russian is no any difficult than any other Slavic language, they are more or less the same.
It may be difficult to begin if you are used to strict Germanic-language family, but then it is just as any other European language.

Still, there is one obstacle: Ru is really hard to master.
If only you are not polyglot-genius, we always can distinct those whom Russian is native and others.

Comment from : Семён Семёнов

Bibi Majorska
What you mentioned about the third conditional in Mandarin probably has to do with the fact that it's a language spoken in a so called "high context culture". To a certain degree, Russian is also a high context language as the word order changes based on the mood and emotional state of the speaker. I'm a native speaker of another Slavic language, and we also change the word order however we deem appropriate to express how we feel as opposed to Germanic languages, which are considered low context since sentences follow an exact word order.
Comment from : Bibi Majorska

Alyz YT

Comment from : Alyz YT

Russian is still an Indo-European language. It should be an easier language to learn for Europeans compared to Sinic languages.
Comment from : thegreendestiny

Jin C
Hello I’m Korean and I lived in different countries resulting in me speaking Chinese / French / Russian (having lived in Beijing - Paris - now Moscow)

I am still struggling and Russian is harder. To master basic Chinese seems much easier to master while Russian ... too many verb forms depending on the subject / gender / pronouns ...

Comment from : Jin C

Have to both for WW3
Comment from : 中国战忽局副局长秘书

Да ладно что тут сложного )))
Comment from : GRAF KRESTOV

Everyone communist till amirac comes
Comment from : SCP-049

D4K3N _
Comment from : D4K3N _

Manuel Santana
learning another language now USA is falling
Comment from : Manuel Santana

I usually like to watch some foreigner teaching Chinese . That I can understand what they think about my language. that's quite fun.
Comment from : 牛排哥

Andrea Olivieri
Everything you said in this video was stressing out how much Mandarin is much more difficult than Russian in every aspect, but the conclusion was the opposite... That was really confusing and it was hard to understand why... And all you said was assuming that one is not going to take on learning characters (which is a bit unrealistic, I wonder how many people are willing to spend tons of hours learning such a hard language tolerating they'll never be able to read anything in it...).
Said that, congrats for your achievements in 10 years of Chinese and 2 of Russian!
Keep it up! Cheers!

Comment from : Andrea Olivieri

Bez mar
Русский на самом деле сложный. Но в отличии от японского и китайских языков он имеет свои преимущества и более лёгкие моменты в изучении. (Хотя многое на самом деле сложно)
P. S. Я - русская.

Comment from : Bez mar

Another level of complexity of Russian language is that it is very contextual language.For example, ball is red. Russian would say, мяч красный... "is" in this Russian sentence is presumed and meant as мяч есть красный... It is just one example. Russians very often omit words in the sentences because those are clear from the context of the conversation or printed text.
Comment from : kuznechik

Bo Castell
My first language is Spanish then English. I learned when I was 13-14. So I am equality fluent in both. In college I took one semester of French and I'm able to understand with French subtitles. Two years ago I started learning Russian on my own, I'm 54 now, and I totally agree about conjugation and cases. There were times that I thought, why in the world am I doing this to myself? Spanish and French conjugate verbs as well so that was not new for me. Russian doesn't conjugate in past but we do in Spanish. Russians learning Spanish find the conjugation difficult. Plus we have in many cases several words for a single thing.
Comment from : Bo Castell

Great. Slavic languages are a bit special. Comparison is awsome. Hail from Czech republic.
Comment from : JahMaister

Comment from : 牧山俊

sℋε ✩ Aℳℯ✘hƴst
Imparari cinese e russo da solo o all'universita?

I'm still learning Italian myself, sorry lol

Comment from : sℋε ✩ Aℳℯ✘hƴst

Coffee is life
Hey i speak traditional Chinese and I want to learn Russian, who wanna exchange language and be each other’s teacher?
Comment from : Coffee is life

John Simcox
You can communicate perfectly in Russian without using any of the declensions. Advice: learn Russian vocab! as much as possible. memorize survival phrases first, then move on to longer sentences. They will understand you if you don't add the feminine locative case in your speaking. Only study grammar if you need to pass a university exam or some such academic thing.
Comment from : John Simcox

I know Mandarin and English, which language is easier for learning Russian? I want to know because I'm thinking about buying some books to learn Russian.
Comment from : Syryx

Russian is not that difficult. I've been studying it for 9 weeks, and I can already have a decent conversation. I am terrible at the grammar though.
Comment from : SouthPark333Gaming

Notna Никип
Russian has anti spy defense)
Comment from : Notna Никип

I’m Chinese, I can speak English and now I study in Russian, recently I perpare to pass the exam B2, so I know the difficulties of learning a foreign language
Comment from : 董祺

Hunan accent. We are famous for our plastic Manderin.
Comment from : 忽悠扑火的

karakončula 2000
Eta suka bljat
Comment from : karakončula 2000

Comment from : Mahad

Butch Stein
russian is easy to understand and that means a lot. of course you will spent lots of time polishing it but its fine. if you speak few european languages you already know around 2000 words in russian and that counts for something. learning to read russian can take up to a week if you are slow thinker like me. so there is no comparison here. i have learned chinese for 2 month and couldn't understand much of what they were saying in the movies and stuff. maybe 2 to 5 percent. it is supper hard. i think its almost impossible speak it without making effort. Jan was it you who recommended a web page for chinese series with subtitles? thank you in advance.
Comment from : Butch Stein

meat money milk monogamy equal madness
I'm studying both at the same time. I agree with everything you say! I realised with the chinese characters that you can learn the passively without any problems. To actively, write them down on a piece of paper is another universe. Thank god we type today so with the piying system typing on a computer, or mobil phone is easy 很方便!
Comment from : meat money milk monogamy equal madness

Clearly and unfortunately this Chinese learner is going about it the wrong way.
With Chinese, u need good structure. If u do things randomly, yes, you'll be mega frustrated. However, if u structure it well, you'll be surprised at how doable it is to be speaking within a year.
I've been studying 12 months and it's been going well. I strongly suggest that one mostly use good study courses with lots of AUDIO and be very thorough in grasping the sounds and tones. Keep listening and verbally repeating the words with SLOWED down audio, over and over.

Also, try to accumulate around 1000 words of vocab then try to have easy chats and keep progressing that way. If u follow a similar approach and can devote about 2 hrs a day to study, it's very doable to have a decent intermediate spoken level of Chinese in 16 months.
Don't ignore getting pronunciation/tones down well and you should be focused on at least 85% comprehensible audio.

I met some American missionaries here in the U.S, working with the Chinese community and 12 months into it, they were speaking fluently at an intermediate level.

Comment from : TheFiestyhick

Alexis B
I have studied both Russian and Chinese and completely agree with this. I am much better at Russian than Chinese, however it was easier to remember and say words. The grammar in Chinese is pretty easy in comparison, and they say things more simply. In Russian things are always complex.
Comment from : Alexis B

Pierre Abbat
Russian: Хочу (I want)...
German: Gesundheit!
Using the accusative for "to school" and a different case for "in school" Is common to several Indo-European languages, including Latin, German, and Ancient Greek as well as Russian. It is not in Modern English or Modern Greek, as the other case in both languages was the dative, which merged with the accusative in English and fell out of use in Greek.

Comment from : Pierre Abbat

Joël Niv
Comment from : Joël Niv

Rebecca W
I have been learning Russian for about a year now. Russian cases and verbs' aspects are not easy to learn! Изучать русский язык очень сложно! 如果你想学好中文,必须要学会运用正确的成语!
Comment from : Rebecca W

Bird Bird Bird
I heard that more westerners learn Mandarin for A.I robotic. Is that true ? Does Mandarin language make a choice faster based on its shorter way to express it ?
Comment from : Bird Bird Bird

Oregon Polyglot
My motivation for learning particular languages is often aesthetic. To me, Russian sounds poetic (Swahili, too). Despite it's difficulty, I love the Japanese writing system. I like the Korean and Japanese grammars. I like the intonation patterns when I hear Koreans speak informally. The spelling of French words fascinates me. I like the rhythm of German. And so forth.

My problem is that I haven't discovered the beauty of Mandarin Chinese yet. Every language has it. But, oddly, the pronunciation and tones of Cantonese feel more natural to me than those of Mandarin. In one podcast episode ("#151. Why am I still a beginner?"), Olly Richards told me that I need to spend more time with the language in order to get used to it. But the more I listen (even to easy, beginner podcasts from ChineseClass101, as well as to natural, native speech on TV/movies/radio/YouTube etc.), the less I like the language. That's my struggle with Mandarin. Once I get past this problem, I'll probably find it in some ways easier to learn than the other languages. But it's a difficult problem for me now.

My Russian was going well last year--I was close to reaching a B1 conversational level--but my various italki tutors corrected me too much and I lost confidence in my ability to learn it. So I stopped learning Russian for a year, and now I've finally got enough courage to start learning it again.

Affective (i.e. emotional) barriers are a big factor in what I consider easy or difficult to learn. If my motivation is lost in some way, even an easy language can be really difficult.

(deleted and posted again to eliminate argument with troll)

Comment from : Oregon Polyglot

Вадим Мельников
Hi. You didn’t mention a super interesting aspect of Russian. You can put words in the sentence in almost any order. Like:
• Я пошёл в магазин (normal academic plain variant).
• Я в магазин пошёл.
• Пошёл я в магазин.
• В магазин пошёл я (a bit of Yoda style, but still correct in some cases).

It gives your speech more colors and depth, but grammatically they all are correct.

Super advantage)

Comment from : Вадим Мельников

Мария Иванова
"Ты" that you pronounce on 2:57 sounds perfect as if it were pronounced by a russian native speaker. I wouldn't tell the difference, but another one on 3:00 isn't that good but still close) Sorry for my English)
Comment from : Мария Иванова

The Blakester Experience
I agree. Russian is much harder because of its grammar, especially verb aspects. I don't have a problem with trilling Rs because of Spanish. Verb prefixes can even change the meaning of words. With Mandarin it's just 4 tones and thousands of characters, sometimes word order.
Comment from : The Blakester Experience

maybe being Italian I wouldn't have much problems rolling the Russian R right? Probably the only advantage though
Comment from : GiovanniG

Amelia Williams
Hey love your videos and really admire your resilience with languages. Ive got a bit of a language learning SOS. I have studied French and German and this year at uni Ive picked to study Mandarin and Russian to around A1 level at the same time for the first semester so 3 months. I know its maybe not the smartest idea but I want to see how far I can get! They are both taught through books and classes. If you (or anyone reading this) have any advice I would really appreciate it :) good luck!!
Comment from : Amelia Williams

Sherwood Nick
Chinese has no grammar
Comment from : Sherwood Nick

Shane A. Charles
I can see why you are putting Russian higher when it comes to level of difficulty although for me it is a slightly different case. I am originally from Poland so Russian seems not to be that hard because I am used to the hard grammar rules and also it often sounds very similar to Polish so I am able to understand much of it without trying. Learning the cyrillic alphabet back in the high school years was not as hard as I thought before. With Chinese, it is a struggle for me to memorise the characters, however I am aiming to do that, not only to learn pinyin and the pronunciation. Even Hebrew feels easier for me than Chinese in terms of the letters to be honest. I have studied Chinese for about half a year with a Taiwanese teacher while living in Berlin and I feel like I know about nothing. With languages like Spanish or German after half a year I was able to say many things and be like B1 so that is a huge difference but I am not giving up. What I do not like though is choosing and waiting with the next language to learn.
Comment from : Shane A. Charles

Алексей Тимонин
hello, my name is Alex, I'm from russia and am studying English. if you want to exchange the experience of learning languages, then call me
my skype knopozka23
my twitter twitter.com/AlexAlex20162

Comment from : Алексей Тимонин

Evi Nami
Действительно, это предложение про школу можно сказать ЧЕТЫРЬМЯ способами
- Я хочу пойти в школу
- Я хочу сходить в школу
- Я хочу поехать в школу
- Я хочу съездить в школу

Comment from : Evi Nami

Philipp Hörtnagl
I did not start chinese yet but what I can say about Russian, learning it now 2 1/2 years almost daily is, that Russia doesn't get easier .. I hear often that German gets easier on a certain intermediate level.. whatsoever, as a non slavic native Russian is constantly difficult also on an intermediate/advanced level :D
Comment from : Philipp Hörtnagl

Mo's Language Learning Journey
I had the opposite experience with Chinese. In China, people said my pronunciation was very good and I'm only A2 level although I had a good teacher before I went. With Russian, well I went there only with survival Russian and I decided to learn it a bit more in depth when I came back but I'm finding the pronunciation really difficult to get right. My teacher corrects me a lot and I couldn't even manage to say the phrase for "Merry Christmas" after watching a YouTube video :( . Obviously there are some cognates in Russian but the grammar is more difficult than Chinese, but it's much easier to learn the Cyrillic alphabet rather than the Chinese characters. So overall, they're both difficult in different ways but I'm not sure which one is more difficult to learn.
Comment from : Mo's Language Learning Journey

Very interesting, thank you! Hello from Russia and good luck with your Russian, guys :) Every foreigner who speaks decent Russian gets huge respect here. We know how difficult it is and appreciate it :)
Comment from : katyarom

John Smith
Russian is easy. The question should be what is more difficult Greek or Chinese
Comment from : John Smith

Stefan Reichenberger
If you sum up all your arguments Russian looks easier than Chinese...

I had learned some Czech before starting Russian, so I already knew the basic concepts of Slavic grammar. There are more weird grammatical features in Russian than in Czech, but declinations and conjugations are much easier. I've been studying Russian quite consistently for two years , and so far I think it's fairly easy to make progress.

Comment from : Stefan Reichenberger

Stefan Reichenberger
Я думаю что русский язык не слишком трудная.
Comment from : Stefan Reichenberger

Elliott Lockwood
Interesting as always! Thanks for your video.
Comment from : Elliott Lockwood

Ben Le
You are fool of yourself.You have to learn the basic then you can go further.
Comment from : Ben Le

This question has been on my mind! Thank you for another excellent video. This has helped re-inspire me to learn Chinese :)
Comment from : Melody

Ugly Rockstar
Russian is more difficult because you will be struggling to find motivation while learning this useless language.
Comment from : Ugly Rockstar

Артём Назаров
Perfect Ы man! :D
Comment from : Артём Назаров

chenelle hancock
The only thing that might be difficult about the Russian language is the cases. However, if you continue to listen to a lot of Russian material and read you can overcome the key system. It will just take a lot of time that’s all. I’ve been learning Russian for 40 month and can speak at an upper intermediate level. Where I like to speak at an event swivel at some point yes. I’ve made a lot of Russian friends as a result of learning Russian over 40 months ago. I don’t find this language to be difficult like people saying it. I think it’s about the mindset of the individual when wanting to tango such a beautiful language is Russian. It’s been around for years now just like Chinese have along with French and English and Arabic. These languages are the cornerstones of the world and the people that live within the world itself today. It’s giving me an opportunity to be able to learn about the people, it’s politics and economics system, is culture history and literature and how people think with in Russia and outside of Russia. I will never regret ever learning is most beautiful language. No I do not think it’s a difficult language to learn. I do think that it’s a very beautiful Language tomorrow and I’m happy that I learned it.
Comment from : chenelle hancock

Joël Niv
I really think that the Russian alphabet is very easy to learn especially if you how to wrire and read Czech or Slovak or other Slavic languages, Russian has other ways to make equivalents to Slavic letters and diphtongs, for example you have in Russian letters for "ju" "jo" "je" "ja" and little j to put after consonants that often have a little fast J after them like in Ljubljana, Kranj, plávať etc.

I didn't learn Russian, I've just studied the script for fun, but actually I'm learning Slovenian now

Comment from : Joël Niv

Jan & Lucas - LanguageBoost
Sign up for our FREE Russian course: goo.gl/VJq3TA
Comment from : Jan & Lucas - LanguageBoost

When I learn Russian there is always something I get wrong and it seems that there are just more words than in other languages there is always something new or something I forgot.

I started Chinese recently and the biggest problem is the characters but the grammar seems more English like.

Comment from : belstar

Janco van der Westhuizen
Aren't you from the north brabant? Why couldn't you roll the R?
Comment from : Janco van der Westhuizen

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