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Im here cuz i just watch kakegurui and i wanna learn to gamble xD
Comment from : Mavskie

okay dude
I still don't get it hahaha
Comment from : okay dude

Way too many Combinations To win/lose. Anyone up for UNO?
Comment from : 11 SCORPIO 11

V Hernandez
Ill just stick to speed or double speed...
Comment from : V Hernandez

Miss Uno
5:36 it looks like the cards aren't arranged right so it doesn't count? I'm so confused
Comment from : Miss Uno

Rigs O'Doyle
ome of the best video in youtube
Comment from : Rigs O'Doyle

Rigs O'Doyle
best video
Comment from : Rigs O'Doyle

Jose luis Dela cruz
Thanks so much for this video I really appreciate it
Comment from : Jose luis Dela cruz

john john
He lost me after the word poker
Comment from : john john

Such as professional and well made video, and yet, so many youtube haters!
Comment from : elvisvx1

julia johnston
Great video
I'm ready!

Comment from : julia johnston

nicely explained, thank you

At 3:21 I don’t understand how the 3 triple pair would get the pot when the other hand has 2 aces, two aces is a lot larger then the 3 pair even though there’s 2 triple pair he still technically wins because two aces is larger than 3 of the same number of 3s.
Comment from : Roman

Edmund Michel
Best Poker Tutorial on the Internet!
Comment from : Edmund Michel

Nagisa Kun
Im ready to be poor
Comment from : Nagisa Kun

I need more subs Online
Do you think I'm from Las Vegas?
Comment from : I need more subs Online

human being
I was watching phil ivey play poker. He won a game with a three of a kind jack against a three of a kind ace. Isn't the ace better than jacks? I don't get how he won the pot.
Comment from : human being

2019 anyone?
Comment from : Etrix

Jam adapun
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Comment from : Jam adapun

ira’s planet
why does my man sound like lotso bear from toy story 3?
Comment from : ira’s planet

ira’s planet
every pause this man made me think “wow, this editor really made him look like an idiot, huh?”
Comment from : ira’s planet

xxFandom Girlxx
First good tutorial I have found online
Comment from : xxFandom Girlxx

K1ddu #Rares
interesting points ,if anyone else needs to find out about best online poker tips try Jaffacter Poker Secrets Coach ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my m8 got great results with it.
Comment from : K1ddu #Rares

I just want to win in red dead lmao
Comment from : Austin

0:08 Ok you don't have to go that far back.

Edit:Don't get me wrong, this is an incredibly informative explanation on how to play poker.

Comment from : FBI Guy

dimches сhannel
who likes to play in Chinese rooms? As for me, playing in Chinese rooms is easier, do you think?

Comment from : dimches сhannel

Puppy Invaders
copy and paste for a poker game, this is why i'm learning this

Comment from : Puppy Invaders

bless this video. This should be the first result when you search "how to play poker." All the other videos assume you already play cards and have a basic understanding of the game, too confusing
Comment from : Maradical

RDR2 online brought me here smh 🤦🏽‍♂️
Comment from : HennySkinn

Who else is here cause of red dead redemption 2
Comment from : ShadcubeTV

Thrilla in Manila
This should have been my Teacher Goddamnit😭😂😂😂
Comment from : Thrilla in Manila

James Lavalla
This is an excellent video which explains the rank of hands simply and clearly which is the first thing you need to know.. Thank you sir.
Comment from : James Lavalla

Feral Kimchi
"For example..."
Comment from : Feral Kimchi

Yumi Rei
Tryna learn poker because of Kakegurui lmao
Comment from : Yumi Rei

Jamie Smith
I first watched this video a couple of years ago and now play poker daily. Thanks!!
Comment from : Jamie Smith

Devon Devon
great explanation.
Comment from : Devon Devon

Honcho Ace
instructions not clear, currently homeless
Comment from : Honcho Ace

hey ,if anyone else wants to discover best online poker course try Jaffacter Poker Secrets Coach ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my cousin got great success with it.
Comment from : 100Hoursvideo

Thank You for this amazing tutorial.
Comment from : Arjun

White Obama
Yep totally NOT here for rdr🙂
Comment from : White Obama

Papa Bless
Comment from : Papa Bless

Every time he says “the pot” it annoys me for some reason.
Comment from : HAHAHA FUNNY

Santana Reid
I love this video so much !!!! I literally studied this video . And understand every detail. Cant wait to play poker
Comment from : Santana Reid

Rad Fab
Very helpful were ever this man is now I thank you
Comment from : Rad Fab

Asian Ramen
This is boring
Comment from : Asian Ramen

Gamer Girl official channel
Stupid poker night at the inventory I just want a dangeresque too
Comment from : Gamer Girl official channel

Christopher McLean
I am actually ready to play a game of poker. This is good!
Comment from : Christopher McLean

geek freak17
I’m here cause of red dead redemption 2
Comment from : geek freak17

Shaman Naik
i actually sleptoff halfway through the video

soo who won?

Comment from : Shaman Naik

Time to beat some farmers in red dead redemption 2
Comment from : shillen

This was really helpful, thank you
Comment from : KING HELLSPYCE

I wanna become a casino manager so I’m watching this
Comment from : afrasiabi96

This is really usefull for drunk people trying to learn poker
Comment from : sean

I'm here bc red dead 2 anyone else
Comment from : WeaponXGamer

Firetone 07
Better than howto channel
Comment from : Firetone 07

Dreams Mean something
What a kid all right😂😂😂
Comment from : Dreams Mean something

EC Buckets
Red Dead redemption 2 lowkey brought me here
Comment from : EC Buckets

Vania Thomas
I think I'm ready. 🤣🤣. To lose money. 🤣🤣
Comment from : Vania Thomas

Vania Thomas
Wow. I never knew how to play poker. Now I do. This was a very thorough explanation.
Comment from : Vania Thomas

Esteban Grijalva
Know I can practice my poker face
Comment from : Esteban Grijalva

Thank U for this video OMG
Comment from : Neo

Tyler Allen
I’m just as lost now after the vid as I was in the beginning when I was looking up a vid how to play the fucking game.
Comment from : Tyler Allen

I am now ready for Red Dead 2
Comment from : MrTurtleTail

Diabetus Ultra Instinct
rdr lads where you at
Comment from : Diabetus Ultra Instinct

Joel The Pizza Wizard
I only want to learn for read dead 2
Comment from : Joel The Pizza Wizard

That necktie is nice.
Comment from : 베어블러디

See, this is my favorite type of video on YouTube. Straight and to the point. No bullsh*t. Easy to understand, and doesn’t waste time. I have never played a game of poker but would love to know how. This man and this whole video is easy, simple and straight to the point.
Comment from : metalbullets

Clear and concise and I don't even like people with southern accents.
Comment from : martybadboy

XD just bought red dead 2. Gotta get that money u feel me
Comment from : MoistMcSpanky

Had to look this up for a red dead 2 mission
Comment from : Xavelite00

Christopher Pugh
Good I’m playing rdr2 and I needed this lol
Comment from : Christopher Pugh

I'm here because of Red Dead Redemption 2
Comment from : XVVvKk

Anyone else playing Red Dead
Comment from : SuperDwayne13

David Lee Moore Jr.
Sounds little hard to play card game.
Comment from : David Lee Moore Jr.

Hkm Saharan
I’m just learning Poker cuz Ronaldo plays poker 😂❤️
Comment from : Hkm Saharan

This old school guy is awesome ..... I hope he’s not dead
Comment from : vivahernando1

Eddie maiden
I am.Confused ????
Comment from : Eddie maiden

don't subscribe to me
Do they have to be in exact numerical order?
Or can they just be in numerical order?
3578A straight

Comment from : don't subscribe to me

Hermione Granger
But wait how do I actually play poker...? Like do u just deal the cards and then play hands...?
Comment from : Hermione Granger

Andrés V
I LOVE THIS DUDES ACCENT. He should have started the video with ''son, i'm only going to explain this once'' lol
So well explained.

Comment from : Andrés V

this is totally understandable and well-explained
also i'm used to poker

Comment from : ProgInternetExplorer

Ling talfi
very good explanations, but what about the call/raise concepts?
Comment from : Ling talfi

Nolimitcoin poker
Comment from : Nolimitcoin poker

Youtube Feud
Comment from : Youtube Feud

Sam Sepehrdad
How am i suppose to rem these hands
Comment from : Sam Sepehrdad

Patricia Marie Jalmanzar
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Comment from : Patricia Marie Jalmanzar

Robert Michon
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Comment from : Robert Michon

Traders like us don't play Poker, because casinos like Lucky 38 don't like games that favor the dealer such as Caravan, a game of pure skill.
Comment from : not_trevor

Willian Smithonson
There are a few factors in poker secrets online. One plan I discovered that successfully combines these is the card crusher fixer (check it out on google) definately the most useful guide that I have ever seen. Check out the extraordinary info .
Comment from : Willian Smithonson

I found an awesome collection of videos that will help you at card crusher fixer
Comment from : FT10DDR16

Jay-r Macartor
Nice explaination
Comment from : Jay-r Macartor

Wow, his slow talking and perfect pausing at the right moment make it so easy to understand, great tutorial!! :)
Comment from : Chris

Halo Gamer360
I am just here because I am curious and want to know how to play this with someone.
Comment from : Halo Gamer360

rasta armando
i like how he says "for example"
Comment from : rasta armando

This might be a dumb question, but I’m hoping someone can answer it for me. If I have a 6, 9, 8, 7, and 10 of spades in my hand, can I rearrange them to make a straight flush? I’m new at poker and I was just wondering. Thank you!
Comment from : BloodReaperGaming

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Comment from : KOVA MR

Ann O'Neal
What is 4 spades and 1 ace of diamond means
Comment from : Ann O'Neal

roger robie
this could be half as long
Comment from : roger robie

S Nomad
It means just what it says...
Comment from : S Nomad

Angelo Collazo
What is the name of the man in this video?
Comment from : Angelo Collazo

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